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Your car will suit your style!

Amazing Custom Hot Rods

You have an image of your perfect car. This doesn't have to just be a fantasy, because you can have Skaggs Collision Repair build your dream car from the bottom up. Share your dreams with the Skaggs Collision Repair team and you'll get professional to make those dreams a reality.

Real vintage auto parts

Call today so we can make your dream car a reality!

Family service you can count on

Your custom hot rod will need a personal touch to ensure that every single detail is done right. As a family owned business, Skaggs Collision Repair will go to great lengths to ensure that your vehicle turns out exactly the way you wanted.

Your dream car is

only a quick phone

call away.

Getting your custom car right will require skilled hands. With over 30 years of experience, the Skaggs Collision Repair has every skill needed to get your custom hot rod done right.

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In order to get a truly vintage custom hot rod, you'll need the vintage parts required to pull it off. Vintage parts are available to you just for that reason.


You can custom order your vintage auto parts.

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